Welcome to CGC | LIVE

Welcome to CGC | LIVE

On September 22-26, Cutting-edge Games Conference invites all game industry professionals and enthusiasts to plunge into a completely different world for five days, to explore new capabilities of technology and creativity during the digital game developers conference and virtual expo, featuring businesses and products in mobile, PC, console, Esports, VR/AR, and blockchain gaming sectors!

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Previous Speakers


  • Digital Event

    PINE mobile and web app, designed to run online events, will serve as a platform for talks and panels, games showcase, pitching sessions, networking and virtual expo. You will have access to the latest industry insights, forefront technologies and developments, as well as a variety of networking opportunities – ranging from group chats to personal and random meetings.

  • CGC Showcase

    Do you have a game, a prototype, an MVP that kicks ass? Drop us a line to be a part of CGC Showcase, a virtual expo space for indie and experimental projects. The game may run on any technology and platform, be it a console, VR, blockchain, or whatever else you believe makes your project unique and cool. We offer a free showcase spot for selected projects. Please hurry up as the number of spots is limited!

  • CGC Pitch

    Are you an investor looking for an extraordinary project and a talented team? Or are you a developer in need of support and advisory to create and grow the next big thing? It’s time to meet each other at CGC Pitch and bring ideas to life! We will match selected teams with a pool of investors in the format of short pitching sessions.

  • Closing Night Party

    CGC parties are legendary! An exquisite combination of entertainment and networking – what a brilliant ending of a busy conference week! This time we will gather virtually to celebrate the five-day marathon of business and creativity in a relaxed atmosphere filled with priceless conversations and follow-ups with industry peers. It’s gonna be different and it’s gonna be fun! Are you in?

  • Mary Yakovleva

    Bizdev and Sales Manager

  • Lora Veremeenko

    Partnership Manager

  • Tasha Zagoskina

    Administrative Director