What is CGC|NFT?

What is CGC|NFT?

After gaining traction in recent months, non-fungible tokens are poised to step into the limelight in 2021. But what in creation are NFTs? Why are they getting attention from game developers, fashion brands, artists, celebrities and collectors? CGC|NFT is here to provide answers.

Join cutting-edge businesses and individuals riding the NFT wave to find out about their use cases, technology, trends and what lies ahead for NFTs in 2021 and beyond. Virtually mix with like-minded folks to share expertise and negotiate deals, listen to inspirational presentations by expert speakers and pitch breakthrough ideas, and let’s shape the future together!

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  • The Conference

    CGC|NFT will be streaming 20 hours of remarkable talks and panels full of precious knowledge, invaluable experience, insights and know-hows. 50 speakers, including founders and C-levels of disruptive startups, creators and thought-leaders will be presenting and debating about the tokenized future of games, artwork, real estate, collectibles and other inconceivable things. Take a chance to learn from and to chat with innovators and pioneers of emerging tech.

  • Business Networking

    CGC|NFT is raising the bar for digital event experiences once again. The revamped and largely improved conference platform offers a variety of networking opportunities to get the most out of participation. Effortlessly look up the catalogue of attendees and companies to find proper connections. Get in touch and mix using the meeting system, private or group chats. Easily communicate with speakers, exhibitors and media. Make new acquaintances and discuss opportunities as if it’s a good old physical show. Accessible to all, everywhere in the world!

  • Digital Expo

    CGC strives to promote and bring visibility to outstanding ideas and people behind them. The expo area is always open to companies eager to show their brainchild projects to the world at large. CGC|NFT recreates the feeling and excitement of a physical expo, accessible from the comfort of PC or mobile device. Get featured to gain monumental exposure over the course of two days of sessions, networking and activities!

  • Media Hub

    It is impossible to exaggerate the value to businesses of communicating with the industry focused press. In order to assist CGC|NFT attendees and news media with this, there is a dedicated space at the show, where journalists will be available for conversation. A wonderful chance to meet each other!

  • NFT Art Gallery

    What would a non-fungible token show feel like without tokenized artworks being displayed? Behold NFT masterpieces created by leading digital artists and proudly owned by collectors who believe in the future of art.

  • NFT Drops

    From virtual attendee swag bags to airdrops and contests – the conference will pleasantly surprise visitors with gifts from exhibitors and CGC team. Keeping an eye on the event’s activity, being engaged and having fun will most certainly pay off!

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