Blockchain Battle

Genre: Puzzle - adventure

Developer: Play Curious


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: Smartphone, tablet, desktop on web browser

Technology: HTML5

Stage of development: Complete

Blockchain Battle is a deep dive into the universe of cybersecurity in which player takes on the role of hacker, lifting the veil on how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work under the hood. Your adventure begins when a mysterious Mr. Smith makes you an offer you can’t refuse- test the security of a new cryptocurrency called Octor. Blockchain technology may have the potential to revolutionize our daily lives, but how does it truly work? How can we trust a financial system without banks or governments controlling them? Why do BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies require so much computing power, and is that a danger for our planet? We created this game to answer those very questions. Blockchain Battle targets an audience of 14-15 years old and above. We designed the game to use real cryptographic concepts such as hash functions, digital signatures, and encryption. Each level of the game begins with a short animated video that explains the concept concisely, and then introduces puzzles in which the user manipulates the virtual cryptocurrency in order to test the limits of Octor, detect fraudulent activity and even hack the system for their own ends. Our objective with Blockchain Battle is to raise awareness of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work, as they are playing a larger and larger role in our societies. We find the technology behind them fascinating, and hope that others will be inspired to learn more about them, or even to pursue their interest in science and technology beyond playing games.