Chromatic Fantasy

Genre: puzzle

Developer: alevgor


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: No

Platform: PC

Technology: Game Maker Studio

Stage of development: beta

Four elemental dragons are trying to escape from the enchanted dungeon. Behind this unpretentious plot and bright, colorful appearance hides a challenging puzzle game that requires careful consideration of each move. Features: - Puzzle levels with simple rules and non-trivial solutions. Like chess problems, they require thinking through actions several moves ahead; - The player-controlled dragons and objects on the levels interact differently depending on their color. Color of objects can be changed with special chromatic ink; - Map of the dungeon - a labyrinth with branching paths and secrets; - A lot of treasures and secrets are hidden in different dungeon chambers; - Rescued prisoners of the dungeon, legendary magical creatures, will help in completing difficult levels.