Genre: RPG

Developer: Willpower Productions


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: PC/Browser

Technology: Enjin/Blockchain

Stage of development: Pre-Alpha

Cryptonom is a free-to-play exploration-focused, turn-based RPG featuring unique creatures, called NOMs, that can be captured, leveled-up, and traded (on the Ethereum Blockchain). Gather your desired party and venture through 6 varied Zones populated with quests, NOMs, unique landmarks, and characters to discover! Witness the growth in strength of your NOMs as they level-up on a visualized progression board. Utilize an array of tools designed to give you an edge in battle, like potions, craft-able consumables, Relics, and powerful Summons. Choose which Path(s) fit your gameplay style best and reap Path-based rewards as you increase ranking through a non-linear character progression system. Delve into a story of conflict and struggle as you learn about the past and present of the NOMverse in order to decide the future of its inhabitants.