Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Genre: RPG

Developer: Dark Crystal Games

Website: https://encasedgame.com/

Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: PC and consoles

Technology: Unity

Stage of development: beta

Encased is a turn-based sci-fi RPG. A game for those who love Fallout, Divinity: Original Sin, Wasteland and Shadowrun. Make decisions, fight, study anomalies, survive, craft and find equipment in the anomalous Zone under the Dome, cut off from the outside world. Immediately after the prologue, the hero will be in the open world accessible for research. The old order is no more. The wasteland is divided between five fractions. Join one of them or be a loner and get ready to change the future of the Dome and its inhabitants. - Become a driving force in a large-scale story that runs before, during and after the apocalypse. - Start the game in one of the five divisions of the corporation, get unique opportunities, mechanics, gameplay options. - Threaten, persuade and bribe: the dialogue system of the game offers a load of ​​mechanics, and you can achieve your goal in different ways. - Fight smart: spend action points carefully. Use food, stimulants and different types of weapons to gain an advantage over the enemy. - Upgrade your hero: learn dozens of useful skills. Learn to hack computers, knock down doors, disassemble mechanisms and apply pyrokinesis. - Explore and study: scan relics to reveal the secrets of the Forefathers technology bit by bit, travel through the desert and find new places, anomalies and organisations. - Make significant decisions: make allies and enemies, remember that sometimes compromises are impossible, and reputation is everything. - Repair and create: forge armor, build cool guns and produce ammunition. And also repair cars and cook food, without this you cannot survive in the wasteland.