Grid Fight — Mask Of The Goddess

Genre: Action RPG

Developer: Playtra Games


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: PC, Consoles

Technology: Unity

Stage of development: Demo

Grid Fight - Mask of the Goddess is an Action/Strategy/RPG game that features a rarely used geometry-based fast-paced combat mechanic. Fight in grid-shaped arenas, avoiding deadly attacks and dynamically swapping between the members of your squad, using their abilities to convince, defeat or recruit more than 100 original characters, in a fully hand-drawn hand-drawn world in vibrant 2d art, inspired by the 70's graphic style and 90's pop music soundtracks. Guide Donna and her Legion of Heroines and save the floating city of Gora in a deep story that requires many playthroughs to be unveiled entirely, with multiple endings and surprising iterations between story elements. Grid Fight offers a branching storyline where all character narratives influence each other in unexpected ways. Are you more an Action player than an RPG player? Grid Fight allows you to focus completely on the combat part of your adventure, skipping the story without penalizing you. Grid Fight is a homage to heroines of all sizes and shapes in a tale of sisterhood at the end of the universe.