Genre: Puzzle platformer

Developer: Huey Games


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: PC, next-gen consoles

Technology: Unity

Stage of development: Pre-production

Embark on a clockwork puzzle-platforming adventure set in a mechanical ecosystem as Cognito, a curious creature whose duty to maintain the lifecycle of this captivating world leads him on a journey to heart of the machine in order to save it. In this metallic jungle - where life is mechanical, rather than biological in nature - evolution has given rise to a beautifully orchestrated set of behaviours, which underpin the tactile clockwork puzzles and dynamic platforming of the game. The distinct character design of Cognito creates the opportunity for expressive emotional responses to the events unfolding around him, which can also act as prompts for the player, building a strong connection between player and avatar, which enriches the sense of immersion in this fantastical world. As you roll through the apparatus of each unique region, you will unlock compelling characters and incredible new abilities, while turning the gears of a beautifully crafted narrative which revolves around interconnection and symbiosis between lifeforms, the environment, and the flow of resources which feed them.