Genre: Tactical RPG, Life Simulator

Developer: 1 Look Games


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: PC

Technology: Unity

Stage of development: Alpha, Coding Finished Just Need Art

***Looking for Publishing/Funding*** Nullspace: a secret mobile game playing across the school campus. Guilds war over territory in the game despite not knowing who created this mysterious app. Our protagonist arrives late at college and is thrown into the chaos of student life! He faces the daunting challenge of catching up with his grades, gathering friends, and finding love. And if that wasn’t enough, a Nullspace developer unilaterally made him into a king! The newcomer is now a major player. He must strengthen his standing on campus in time for the fierce weekend battles. Can he defy all odds and win it all? TURN BASED TACTIVAL RPG GAMEPLAY • Top-down battlefields set for grid combat. • Control the units of your team to find and take out the enemy captain before the opposition does the same. • Customize the battle in order to gain an advantage in combat. • Unlock new skills and customize the units of your team. • You must strategically build up their strengths and gear during the Life Simulation aspect of the game! LIFE SIMULATION GAMEPLAY • The calendar tracks each day while you manage your time. • Multiple locations across the school campus to explore. • Events trigger at certain places and certain times. • Grow personal relationships with other students. • Even find your love interest amongst them and go on dates! • Use your Free Time to recruit more units, find items, and strengthen your guild.