Palladium: Adventure in Greece

Genre: Adventure, Point & Click

Developer: NLB project


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: No

Platform: Steam

Technology: Godot Engine

Stage of development: Early alpha, demo version is available

About this game In this game you will play as Andreas, an ambitious archaeologist who is driven by a desire to find the Palladium, an ancient artifact that brings success and prosperity to its owner. The hero will travel to Greece to solve riddles and avoid hazardous traps. But Andreas is not the only one who wishes to obtain the treasure. Two other adventurers also arrive at the forgotten island. Features • Story-based first person adventure. • A labyrinth, built by an ancient civilization, that’s full of dangers. • An entourage influenced by two different eras of ancient Greek culture. • The riddles are based on Greek mythology. • A few possible endings. Decide what is most valuable to you: fame, gold, or love. • There are two possible playthroughs with two different companions. One companion is a girl who is a specialist in Greek mythology. She can help you solve riddles. The other companion is a man with a technical mindset. He will help you deal with traps in unconventional ways. • Steam achievements. • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux) • Steam cloud support