The Changes

Genre: Casual Puzzle, Educational, Adventure

Developer: IGS Production


Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: iOS, Android

Technology: Unity 3D

Stage of development: CBT

The goal of the game is to save the Planet from the effects of global warming. The atmosphere is covered with clouds of greenhouse gases, the earth is littered with garbage, and animals and plants have disappeared. The future of the planet depends only on the player. He will have to clear the area from garbage, defeat the clouds of greenhouse gases, return animals to their natural habitat and much more, wich will return life to our planet. Skills acquired by players during play session contribute to the development of good habits. Players will learn how to properly sort their own household waste, how to interact with nature and wildlife, and begin to appreciate the world that sorrounds them. The profits generated from sales and in-app purchases will be directed towards developing the community and solving specific environmental problems that are destroying our planet.