Tiny Money

Genre: Adventure puzzle

Developer: Dor Bar

Website: http://bit.ly/TinyMoney

Multiplayer: No

Free-to-play: No

Platform: PC, Consoles

Technology: Stop-motion animation, Unity engine

Stage of development: Playable vertical slice

Tiny Money is a stop motion adventure puzzle game, in which the graphics and animations are hand made and shot by camera, one frame at a time. In Tiny Money’s world, the characters may be small as a microscopic ameba, or as big as a skyscraper, all depends on the amount of money they have. In other words, the socio-economic gaps, and inequality are represented in the physical level. Tiny Money has won 5 awards in a row in 4 different competitions: 1.Experts choice and crowd’s favorite at ‘White Nights’ Moscow 2019 convention, 2.Best technical achievement at Game Rome 2019 convention, 3.Second place at the Big Indie Pitch of Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020, 4.Winners of the Startup Grind’s game industry’s pitch competition 2020. Our main future goal is to integrate claymation graphics into the game industry and to provide high-quality graphics and story.