Voxelia Defenders

Genre: Tower Defense

Developer: Kooky Dot

Website: https://www.facebook.com/VoxeliaDefenders

Multiplayer: No

Free-to-play: No

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Technology: Unity

Stage of development: Demo

VD has all the needed for TD to be engaging for a long time for a player: - 7 different towers, with different roles during combat - damage delers, AOE, buff and de-buff ones; - 24 different enemies with different strong and weak sides and powers - some are fast, some have shields, some can spawn other monsters etc. - Active abilities to control during the battle; - Passive abilities to enhance performance; - 3 different enviroments - forest, snow and dark, each with unique visuals and enemies; - System of upgrades for towers; - Perk system to unlock all the mentioned above! Currently the game is intended to be Premium, being sold at 2-3 USD on mobile platfroms and 5 on PC, but also we consider to go F2P with some additional mechanics.