Genre: 3d shooter

Developer: coffe dev, lecho team

Website: https://coffe.io

Multiplayer: Yes

Free-to-play: Yes

Platform: UE4, coffe multichain

Technology: 3d, blockchain, c#, js

Stage of development: beta test

Crypto 3d shooter based on coffe multichain. buy weapons ammo and equipment for crypto and start drug export fight for influence! Playing and getting real money for it is the dream of the vast majority of gamers. Turning a hobby into a profession is not an easy task especially with billions of competitors and that is why blockchain games are becoming a real mainstream. Currently, the COFFE multi-chain platform is preparing to release three newest, original games, and four more amazing games are in development. Developers from all over the world are joining us since only here game content can be sold for btc, eth, eos, bnb, and trx at the same time. This allows us to attract players from all major platforms.