Crypto Games Conference Awards, Minsk 2O18

CGC Awards is the first such event, with a competition and prizes in the crypto game area. The contest involves all crypto games and crypto game projects participating in the showcase of the conference, as well as the teams that submitted the application.

  •   Crypto game, service, gambling project using smart contracts or cryptocurrencies / tokens
  •   Alpha / Beta product version
  •   You participate in the nomination Best Game on WAVES Platform ?!

You can participate Online!      Please Read

    How to participate

  • Apply your game before October 14
  • Wait till your will be reviewed by our judges
  • If you’re nominated you’ll get a letter from CGC
  • Visit CGC Awards ceremony October 18
  • Win and accept your award on stage

TB. If you are a partipicant of the Showcase, you automatically participate in AWARDS)


Best Crypto Game

Best Game on WAVES Platform

Best Crypto Game Service

Best Crypto iGaming Project

CGC Choice


Best Crypto Game

1-st place

Apple X

Sponsor: Phoenix Media

2-nd place

Apple iPhone 8

Sponsor: Phoenix Media

3-rd place

Apple iPad

Sponsor: Phoenix Media

Best Game on WAVES Platform

1-st place

750 waves

Sponsor: Waves

2-nd place

500 waves

Sponsor: Waves

3-rd place

250 waves

Sponsor: Waves

Best gaming project



CGC Special award



Best crypto game project




7 days before the conference, all the semifinalists will receive a letter about getting of their project to the final


The award ceremony will be held on October 18, at the end of the second day of the conference in the main hall.

Big Pitch

Big Pitch is a new networking format. Every game, crypto game or gaming project has a chance to get investment from investment funds and private investors.

Meetings are held in a 3-minute pitching format.

    Requirements for participants

  • Premium ticket to participate in Big Pitch
  • Crypto game or service using smart contracts and/or cryptoсurrencies/tokens
  • Alpha/Beta product version
  • The team's experience in the given field is at least 1 year

Conditions for funds, investors

Any accredited fund or licensed individual can participate.

Limitations: No more than 10 funds will be selected.


7 days before the conference, participants will receive confirmation of the participation of the project in Big Pitch. At the same time, representatives of the funds and investors will receive confirmation of the list of projects participating in Big Pitch.


Big Pitch is held on the first and second days of the conference in the Big Pitch hall marked on the map.


Crypto Games Conference has nothing to do with transactions or investments, meetings take place in the format of acquaintances for further cooperation, without a commercial component from the side of organizers of the conference.

CGC Showcase

Crypto Games Conference Showcase is an exhibition of crypto game developers. For the exhibition area there are provided 50! free stands for the most interesting and promising games.

Moderation will be carried out by the Crypto Games Conference team.

    Requirements for games and teams

  • Crypto game using smart contracts and/or cryptocurrencies/tokens
  • Alpha/Beta product version
  • Personal presence at the exhibition behind the stand

    Approved participants are provided

  • Free stand in Showcase area
  • Free ticket for the conference (Standard Pass)
  • 50% discount on tickets for all team members
  • Participation in CGC Awards


10 days before the conference, CGC Showcase participants will receive confirmation of the project's participation in the exhibition.


CGC Showcase will be held in the exhibition area of the conference shown on the map

Pitch And Match

Pitch and Match – main system of meetings of the conference, appoint meetings in the Meeting Rooms for networking! All the attendees of the conference have access to create their own profile in the Pitch and Match system. But it is important to note that this does not apply to the holders of INDIE  tickets

Pitch and Match

Buy ticket


Within 2-3 days after buying a ticket to the CGC, the login and password for logging in will come to your post office, from which the registration took place. (tickets purchased in August, and until the middle of September, the codes will come soon)

Pitch and Match Tutorial


Step I – Create your online profile

Try to use some tags, include projects or services which are provided by your company, as a result, it will be easier to find your profile. You can also specify your propositions for your target customers. But do not forget to denote what is your personal interest.

Step II – Organise your meetings

Invite possible partners or accept received invitations to meet web-site.

Step III – The meeting

Have a productive time in 30-minute meetings.

Step IV – Fill in the gaps

You can spend all your time on the conference more productively – just fix the time in the system for your lunch, informative speech, or for your own talk. Last minute meetings can be arranged by the matchmaker on-site or you can visit conference sessions.

Step V – Networking

Find new partners and opportunities during Pitch and Match meetings. Socialize in Business Lounge and during the parties.


If you have any questions with Pitch and Match please write to our coordinator Maria

Affiliates and UA

Every crypto game and service needs users in order to gain traction and be profitable. We’re bringing numerous affiliates to the Crypto Games Conference to help participating companies to find quality traffic and do user acqusition.

Moderation will be carried out by the Crypto Games Conference team.

    Requirements for affiliates

  • Be a proven source of relevant traffic
  • Personal presence at the conference

    Qualified affiliates get

  • Free tickets to the conference (Premium Pass)
  • 50% discount on tickets for all team members
  • Access to all activities and networking events