(Conference Venue)

Adress: Mariott Hotel, 2O Pobediteley Avenue Minsk BY-HM BY, 220020, Belarus Show on map

Price: +375 17 279-3O-OO or OO 375 17 279 3O OO

Price: room cost from $130 per night (including all taxes and fees).

Price is valid from 15 until 20 of October. Promo code is valid until October 10.

Cancellation of reservation: 1 day before the reservation.

Type of Room

Your Group Rate per day (USD)

Classic city view

$ 13O

Classic river view

$ 137

Hospitality Suite

$ 24O

Breakfast (buffet): included

How to book: use the link Book with rate for Crypto Games Conference

  • Select the dates of your stay
  • Select number of people
  • Choose the comfort level of the room
  • In Special rates with discount is displayed immediately

Renaissance Minsk Hotel

Adress: 1 E, Dzerzhinsky Avenue, Minsk 220036 (This is NOT a conference Venue.). Show on map

Price: room per night for 1 person — from $117, without breakfast.

Prices include: VAT 20%, free Wi-Fi, free Fitness center

How to book: just follow the link.

NB! Renaissance Minsk Hotel is not a conference venue, it’s just another option.

Visa to Belarus

Belarus is visa-free!

NB! There are few conditions:

  • Maximum stay in Belarus is limited to 30 days
  • You must enter and exit Belarus only through Minsk National Airport
  • It applies only to this list of 74 countries Check
  • You are required to have a few documents with you (valid passport, medical insurance, financial means)*

Make sure to check Belarus government website for more info!


If you have any questions with crossing the border, please write to our coordinator Maria

Event location

  • Mariott Hotel
  • 2O Pobediteley Avenue
  • BY-HM BY, 22OO2O
  • Belarus, Minsk